Salzgitter Maschinenbau AG (SMAG) leads the world in manufacturing grabs for international seagoing cargo handling. Based in Salzgitter, Germany, the engineering company has specialised in developing, manufacturing and servicing lifting equipment specifically designed for loading and unloading bulk cargo such as sand, gravel, coal, or refuse, wood and agricultural commodities. Operating under the PEINER brand name known to the world market, SMAG sells motor, hydraulic and rope grabs as well as spreaders for lifting containers as well as slewing units.

 Mobile Antenna Masts

SMAG is Europe's only manufacturer for mobile antenna masts up to a height of 40m that do not require cable stays. The masts have been manufactured in Salzgitter-Bad since as early as 1974, and are used across the world by disaster task forces, and in military activities as well as radio and TV broadcasting. The main feature of our electromagnetic (Ftm series) and hydraulic (Fth series) antenna masts lies in the technology that eliminates the need for cable stays. Even heavy top loads do not require cable stays to ensure your mast's stability.

The Salzgitter mast system has set standards in rapid installation and dismantling times, while excelling in extreme accuracy, maximum reliability and high mobility - even in rough terrain. SMAG's high quality standards ensure stable and reliable communications to and from the remotest areas on the map and under the most adverse environmental conditions.


Mounted on vehicles or trailers, antenna masts are usually used by the armed forces, disaster-response organisations and telecommunications companies. 


Special designs

SMAG also produces special designs to customer specification to ensure ideal solutions. Depending on your requirements, we can develop and manufacture hydraulic or electrical telescopic masts, stationary or mobile sensor masts, or mobile sensor masts designed and built to match the place of deployment.

We can also equip your mast with wind gauges, transponders and other accessories. SMAG's uniformly flexible total concept ensures this level of versatility.

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Mobile mining equipment

SMAG manufactures and sells automated specialist drilling vehicles especially for salt mining, while making full use of the company's experience in combining heavy steel construction with hydraulics and electronic control. SMAG drilling vehicles are used especially in mining limestone, salt, potash and gypsum. In addition to limestone & salt mining, the equipment is increasingly used in oil shale extraction.


    SBM 86 extraction-drilling rig

  • Specifically developed for soft and medium-hardness minerals in open cast mining
  • Designed for rotary drilling only
  • Optional hammer-action drilling inside borehole
  • Variety of carriage types available - tracks, wheels (with TÜV certification) or as a completely mobile rig on a Mercedes ACTROS (especially attractive for subcontractors)
  • Varying mount lengths and sizes available (capacity)
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 SBM 86 RAD - Wheel Mounted drilling rig

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SBM 86 LKW - Truck Mounted drilling rig

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 PEINER grabs

 SMAG and its brand, PEINER, lead the world in grabs for loading and unloading seagoing freighters. These grabs are capable of handling any type of bulk good such as sand, gravel, or coal, and also refuse, scrap, and agricultural commodities. The company also manufactures spreaders for lifting containers as well as specialist slewing units for turning cargo into position.

 PEINER's many years of experience in tried and trusted development and manufacturing capability give PEINER equipment users top quality together with proven technology.

  Grabs and spreaders are mainly used in ports and ships for loading and unloading seagoing cargo.


      SMAG provides:

  • Designs to customer specification, including volume and unladen weight
  • Particularly environmentally friendly components - dust guards, specialised grab lips, bio-oil
  •  Maintenance-free grab design
  •  Fast spare-parts delivery across the world
  • Service and consultation around the clock, also via worldwide service offices
  • Assembly and commissioning by SMAG's specialist technicians
  • Operator training
  • Acceptance testing including certification by all major classification companies such as LRS, GL, DNV, ABS, and others
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